Verhaal Paola Rojas


My natural and sincere story

This is my second pregnancy and I want to share my experience because it has been quite different than the first one and I m pretty sure that a lot has to be because the preparation and help I got from Christine.
As a dancer I think my corporal awareness is quite good and I decided that if possible I would like to not have any kind of medication and let the instinct and natural way be the  manner of having my kids
My first pregnancy was great, I was able to dance and even run until the 8th month, I had no idea what to expect from the labor and I tough I was ready for it. But once the moment came, I faced a 10 hour labor where each contraction came every 3 min for 1 or 2 min long , what means that I had no break between each contraction and lasted with this intensity for more or less 10 hours. In the moment of labor I was exhausted, There was a moment that I really felt I was not going to be able to delivery my baby and in the moment of pushing my capillaries of the face and eyes exploded because of breading in the wrong way. But happily after this hard time my daughter Luana was born. After 2 weeks of the delivery I decided that I was ready to start working out and getting back in shape... Big mistake that costed me a whole year of therapy and a combination of back problems that until today I still suffer from.

After 1 year and 3 months, I was pregnant of my second kid... But this time I was conscious that I needed a good preparation and that a supervision of a Kinesist was definitely necessary. My gynecologist recommended me Christine and when I was 7 months, I started prenatal preparation.

Always with a quite pacific, natural and sincere way, Christine guided me trough the beautiful journey which made me feel completely prepared, ready and exited about the 'Big day'. The sessions consisted mostly of relaxation, breathing, and posture exercises. And to make it even better, a nice massage on my back at the end.

10 days after my due date, I started labor. I was home asleep and at midnight I felt my first contraction. At 1am we left to the hospital and when I arrived I had already 4cm opening. I was really exited and happy because in my first pregnancy, took me 5 hours to reach the same opening. I had my doubts if this time was going to be easier, because they also say that as a dancer the pelvic floor is quite tide and normally makes the process harder. But after knowing that great news, I really got a boost of energy and I was all the time walking around, dancing, talking and actually looking forward to what was about to come. After 3 hours of having contractions every 5 minutes, they started to get more intense, and the next coming 2 hours where actually quite hard. The contractions where really hard and closer to each other. During this time, I really focused on the breathing exercises and the different postures that I learned where my husband got perfectly involved and help me to go trough this.

At 5:15 am we entered the delivery room. First they broke my water and then I started pushing on my knees, because I felt it helped for my back pain, but when the baby was almost crowning, I laid on my back and hold my knees my self because it felt easier to push. When the baby crowned, the Doctor invited me to touch him. This moment was definitely magic! Was amazing knowing that he was almost on my arms and that it depended on me how fast I was going to be able to hold him. So I asked for a mirror to be able to see him coming and I got so exited that an amazing strength took control of me and in the next contraction Leandro was born at 5:45am. I was able to incorporate my self in the moment I was pushing and I was able to see him coming out. It has been the most amazing moment in my life. I feel blessed that I was able to ENJOY  one of the most painful moments of a women life. And I really want to thank Christine because a lot of this was because of the great preparation, help and support she offered me in a really professional and friendly way.

Paola Rojas